Dr. Dabber

Dr. Dabber Switch


For Use With



Say hello to the ultimate device for your wax and dry herb needs. This device heats up and is ready to go in 4-6 seconds. Vaporize your herb with different heat settings for your preference. 25 pre-set temperature settings so you can get the most out of material. LED lights in the chamber indicate the status of the device. The Switch charges in 60 minutes and is ready for up to 150 uses per charge. Put down your torch and Switch to the Switch!


- For Use with Dry Herb or Wax Concentrates
- 25 Calibrated Heat Settings
- UP To 150 Cycles on One Charge
- Self Cleaning Mode
- Pass-Through Charging



1 - Device
1 - Rechargeable Battery Pack
1 - Charging cable
1 - White Ceramic Cup (For Wax)
1 - Black Ceramic Cup (For Dry Herb)
1 - Ceramic Flower Filter
1 - Dab Tool/Carb Cap
1 - Glass Percolator Attachment
1 - Reverse Action Tweezers
1 - Silicone Wax Container