• Series 3 Wax Cartridge

Series 3 Wax Cartridge


What you get:

1x Wax Cartridge

1x Wax Tool

FREE Silicone Jar

Add the Series 3 wax cartridge to your V2 Pro collection for the full range of vaping options. This versatile cartridge is compatible with wax, oil, gel and similar concentrates, delivering clouds of rich, satisfying vapor.

To fill, twist off the top of the cartridge. Use the scoop end of the included pick tool to add your preferred ingredient to the cartridge basin (be sure not to fill beyond the rim of the basin). To maximize air flow, poke a small hole with the pointed end of the pick tool through the wax to the bottom coil. Reattach the top of the cartridge and slide the cartridge into the recessed chamber of your Series 3 device. Press the activation button and enjoy!

When using y

our Series 3 wax cartridge, hold your device vertically to ensure the wax makes full contact with the heated coil.